01 August 2007

Heading to London

I've just arrived in London for my heat in the Ladbrokes Poker Million.

The tournament starts with tables of six. If you win your first table you advance to another six-handed table. The winners of round two will play in December live on TV for the grand prize.

It is an invitational tournament only and I just wired $25,000 to enter. So let's hope I can win some money!

My back has been giving me a lot of troubles the past few days, so I have not been able to play tennis or do any martial arts. But I have been able to get down to the Bellagio for a couple great workouts with Gary, my favorite Bellagio trainer.

I forgot to mention in my earlier blogs that I wanted to thank Daniel Negreanu and his beautiful wife Lori for letting me take over their living room for a few hours three weeks ago for my website's photo shoot.

When the photographer arrived at my house, he immediately asked where the poker table was. Well I do not have one in my house - I play enough poker as it is. I guess he just assumed that I would have one.

He wanted to take most of the shots with me sitting at the table so we had a little problem on our hands. Luckily, Nick an avid reader of Daniel's blog, knew that he has one at his house. I called Daniel and he invited us all over. So thanks again Daniel!